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A legacy of Lifetime Chiropractic!…

Meet Dr. Drew Sack

Meet Dr. Drew Sack

My chiropractic story begins with my Dad who is a chiropractor. As any boy would do, I frequently entertained myself by digging through his desk looking for treasures. I remember one day finding an old, cracked cassette tape with the faded words “Reggie Gold” written on it. It was an amateur recording of a lecture given in 1979. The chiropractor on the tape told a story about the origin of sickness, true health and how chiropractic absolutely has the potential to change the world. I must have listened to that tape a hundred times. I actually still carry it in my car even though I do not have a cassette player! I guess it is just my heritage; a reminder of why I do what I do.

My Junior year of High School my parents loaded us up and we drove to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I can still remember my Dad saying, “if you do not visit Palmer now you will never know what potential your life may hold.” He was right. While there we met several chiropractors that told stories of when graduates would leave Palmer College to go, literally, to the ends of the earth. I caught a bigger vision for what chiropractic is: giving people everywhere the freedom to reach their God-given potential.

I did attend Palmer College, and my four years there were amazing. One person along my journey that challenged me was Beth, a patient of mine in the Palmer Clinic. She had a migraine almost everyday, and had tried unsuccessfully to get relief with other treatments. She came into me for her first adjustment on a Wednesday, and by the next Friday her migraines had lessened slightly. Five weeks later the migraines were gone completely. She was able once again to do sports and go about her life without the debilitating pain. I was overwhelmed with gratitude a year later when Beth was there at my graduation ceremony. She taught me two very important lessons: first to never underestimate the power of the body to heal and recover, and second that the healing process does take time; it is not instant.

Our Philosophy

At Sack Family Chiropractic we support and encourage you to take control of your health and help you improve the quality of your life. We value you and your goals. We understand your health needs and make it our mission to take the time to educate and coach you. Our team firmly believes that reducing symptoms gives us a job, educating patients creates our career but enhancing the way others live their lives produces our legacy. We continuously seek education and training to be abreast of the latest advances in natural healthcare and give our heart and soul to our patients with the goal of creating a healthier world. We have an established reputation of being community pioneers in pediatric chiropractic. And while patients of all ages have always felt comfortable here, we try especially hard to make the children feel welcome for they are our future.

It is our conviction that: “Where you find yourself tomorrow, is a function of the positive decisions and actions you take today.” At Sack Family Chiropractic we pride ourselves in helping individuals and families find freedom.

Nazareth Family

Family is at the Heart of what we do!

Family is at the Heart of what we do!

Drew and Michelle have been married for 14 years, and in that short time have been blessed with five amazing children: Isaiah, Natalie, Noelle, Caleb, and Ben. “Each of my kids brings a unique dimension to our family. Without having had a large family we wouldn’t probably be able to relate to other families so well; there’s good, bad and just downright ugly sometimes!!”

Even Chiropractors Need Chiropractic Care

One question my wife and I get a lot is, “How do you keep your family healthy?” Our approach to health is simple; we believe that the power that made the body heals the body, too. Practically speaking, we do lots of things to strengthen the body’s innate resistance such as eating organic, limiting television, and we all get adjusted on a regular basis (I personally have a standing appointment with my Chiropractor every Thursday at noon). In the rare instance that someone is sick they get lots of fluids, plenty of rest, and adjusted.. We do not vaccinate, give our children antibiotics, or artificially suppress a fever when they are sick. This is how our family has chosen to live.